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Frequently Asked Questions

Do toddlers need to be potty trained?
Yes, we ask that your little one is potty trained before starting dance class.


Do parents need to stay and watch?
No, parents are encouraged to go shopping, get a cup of coffee, have time for yourself!


Can parents enter the classroom to watch their children?
Parents and guests are invited to Watch Days just before the winter break and again before the end of the school year. During the regular season the classes are closed to parents.


Can we join a class at anytime of the year?
A student may join a class, as long as there is a space available, at anytime of the year. It is recommended that students join at the beginning of the school year in order to develop their dance skills as a class.


How often do you do recital?
Recitals will be held every other year. The interim year performances will be held in the Crescendo Conservatory performance space.


Where is recital?
Crescendo Conservatory is looking to hold its recitals in local Johnson County venues.


Are the costumes for recitals age-appropriate?
Costumes chosen for Crescendo Conservatory recitals will be tasteful and age appropriate.


Will there be student assistants in younger age level classes?
Yes, younger level classes with over 12 students will have one instructor and one or more student assistants.


Is there a tuition advantage for students who assist in classes?
Students who are members of Crescendo in Motion will have the option of assisting in class and will receive a 50% discount off of the Crescendo in Motion fee.


How does a student sign up to assist in classes?
Crescendo in Motion members interested in assisting classes need to notify the Crescendo Conservatory directors.


How much of a time commitment does dancing require?
Creative Movement students usually take one class per week. Ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop/Tap Basics students may take one, two or three classes per week. Levels 1 and 2 students are learning movements and vocabulary in hour long class sessions. Many Level 1 and 2 students will take a ballet class and a jazz, tap, hip-hop or musical theater class depending on the student’s interests.

At age 10-12 we often see dancers choose to make dance “their sport”. Training begins then to develop these young athletes for future university/professional endeavors in dance and theatre. These dedicated dancers will take a minimum of 5 classes weekly extending to “unlimited” class schedule over 8 hours per week.


time committment for dancers


Do you suggest my child attend a summer intensive?
How do I know which one to choose?
Summer intensive programs are recommended for serious dance students. Students who wish to begin the audition process will be advised as to which programs are most appropriate for their individual skill level. Auditions are held in late winter and early spring (a list of Kansas City auditions will be provided). Summer intensive study is costly and the study opportunities are varied. Most programs require travel, room and board and spending money along with dance tuition. When a dancer expresses interest in attending an intensive, his/her parents need to meet with the Crescendo Conservatory directors for information.


What is the life span of a pair of pointe shoes?
The life span of a pair of pointe shoes depends largely on the age, strength and class/performance level of the dancer. The make, shank and box hardness of the shoe itself will also be a determining factor. A beginning pointe student can have a pair last up to four months with proper care. An advanced pointe student can “break in” a pair of pointe shoes in one class.


How do I know which pointe shoes are right for my daughter's foot?
After completing a year of pre-pointe in preparation for “going on pointe” the Pointe 1 instructor will accompany the dancer and parents (bearing cameras) to a designated dancewear store for the first fitting. Shoes will be fit for the maximum support. Comfort becomes a relative term. The first shoe style will eventually change as the dancer’s foot, musculature and strength develops.


What kinds of stretching exercises are helpful for dancers to do at home?
For younger level students (Level 1, 2, 3), gentle straddle stretching is appropriate. Front to back splits are encouraged only after gentle straddle stretching to warm the muscles. More advanced level stretching will be guided by the Spectrum class instructor. See spectrum class offerings in the class offerings class tab.


What are some things my dancer can do to avoid injury?
Dancers should always be warm before starting dance class. Most injuries do not occur in the dance studio, but at home and on the playground. Traveling and turning dance steps (tricks) should not be practiced at home. In addition, dancers new to pointe should only do authorized exercises at home.


If my dancer is suffering from a leg injury, what is the normal course of treatment for the injuries?
Should she/he see a pediatrician or a physical therapist?

The proper course of treatment would depend on the type of injury. In many cases the dancer’s pediatrician would make an assessment first and follow up with physical therapy. When an injury occurs, please notify the instructor immediately.


What performance opportunities are available for my dancer?
Outside of recitals and in studio performances and the Nutcracker Tea Party, Crescendo Conservatory has its performance group Crescendo in Motion.

Every year Crescendo in Motion performs at the Kansas City Chalk and Walk Festival at Crown Center in September. This free two-day event showcases hundreds of professional, student and amateur artists who create lively and powerful chalk “paintings” on sponsored brick canvas on the streets of Crown Center. Last year over 12,000 visitors attended The Chalk Walk. Throughout the weekend our dancers are also “Live Statues” and they get their pictures taken by a variety of local media.

The first Nutcracker Tea party was established ten years ago. This is a key holiday event for the Johnson County Area. Not only do young dancers come to see our Nutcracker year after year, but our dancers look forward to being cast in the event. Crescendo in Motion along with Crescendo Conservatory students will begin Nutcracker Tea Party rehearsals this September.



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